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20mm Adjustable Biothane ID Collars



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You shouldn’t have to put up with cheaply made collars that has to be replaced constantly.  Biothane coated straps withstand the toughest tasks because it is made out of polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating that makes it much stronger than leather and it won’t tear or crumble over time.  They will never fade or grow dull, are waterproof so easily cleaned with soap and water.  Biothane tack is soft and pliable and because of it’s unique coating it doesn’t absorb smells like leather does, which means you never have to worry about an unpleasant smelling or looking collar.  We make our adjustable Biothane collars with metal fittings to ensure its the most long lasting collar you will ever buy.

The collar has an aluminum tag that is built into each collar.  The engraving of the tag is included. We can engrave up to 3 lines.
Dog Name
Contact Number 1
Contact Number 2


Dog Name
Contact Number
Scan Me (If microchipped)

Our Adjustble Biothane range consists of:
16mm: S, M
6 colours: Pink, Jade, Blue, Light Purple, Red, Black

20mm: S, M, L, XL
6 colours: Pink, Jade, Purple, Blue, Lime Green, Black.

25mm: L, XL
5 colour: Black, Jade, Blue, Magenta, Dark Purple


S : 24cm – 34cm
M : 30cm – 44cm

L : 38cm – 60cm
XL : 45cm – 74cm

WE ARE RIVETING THE ID TAG ONTO THE COLLARS NOW FOR EXTRA SUPPORT (not seen on display pictures). The Biothane is very strong and with dogs that are very busy, active and plays around full force, the tags are much better secured with the rivets than only sliding them through the collar as done before. We always strive to produce the best quality products.


S: 24-34cm (R340), M: 30-44cm (R360), L: 38-60cm (R380), XL: 45-74cm (R400)


Black, Blue, Jade, Lime Green, Pink, Purple

ID Tag Colour

Silver, Black, Green, Jade, Dark Blue, Purple, Pink, Light Pink, Red, Gold

Metal Fittings

Silver Stainless Steel

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