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The absolute best homemade treats you will ever give your dog.

If your dogs haven’t tried our treats, then boy oh boy for sure they are missing out.

All natural, NO preservatives, No added salt, sugar, xylitol or oil. Only fresh products used and definitely lots and lots of love.

Our flavours & Ingredients:

Dried Liver: Wholewheat/Brown Flour, eggs, chicken livers.

Butternut & Peanut Butter: Wholewheat/Brown Flour, eggs, fresh butternut, NO Sugar & Salt peanut butter.

Sweetpotato & Peanut Butter (WHEAT FREE): Oats, eggs, fresh Sweetpotato, NO sugar & salt peanut butter.

Mixed Flavours: As it implies, if you like them all, buy them all by getting the mixed pack. Only want 2 flavours mixed, choose this option and make a note for us at the shipping which flavours you want.

Storage Instructions:

Store in airtight packaging for up to 7days in cool area. In Refrigerator for up to 14days. In Freezer for up to 3months.

The constancy of the treats are a hard type biscuit that is dehydrated. Dried Liver is a small treat that works amazing for training size bites. Our Butternut and the Sweetpotato flavour is bigger size cookies but can be broken into smaller pieces.

Our treats pack sizes:

Medium: So we fill the pack till it is FULL, and then we maybe add a few more So each pack will maybe differ in weight. But the medium pack is more or less 200g.

Large: More or less 450g-500g.


*(All our treats are dehydrated and can be consumed for longer than storage guidance. Please do so at own judgement. Treats must be given as a, well….. TREAT!! Not recommended as a meal)*



Dried Liver, Butternut & Peanut Butter, Sweet potato & Peanut butter (Wheat Free), Mixed flavours


Medium R70, Large R140

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